Did everything just taste purple for a second?

Oh myu g- I can't- it's just, holy, wow, jeeper creepers I'm just so excited Ithinkmyheadisgoingtoexplode!!!

They're bringing back "Futurama":

Three years after Fox canceled the show, Matt Groening's "Futurama" will resume production for a 13-episode run on Comedy Central. The new episodes will be added to the network's library of 72 "Futurama" episodes previously licensed from 20th Century Fox Television. Voice talent Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio will return for the new episodes, which will debut in 2008.
Cynic: C'mon, the last episode was perfect, the show was great, are they really gonna top perfection? I doubt it. We'll probably just get more proof of the inevitabiliy of diminishing returns; look what happened to "The Simpsons"? Sure, "Futurama" wasn't on for nearly as long, but it's been years since they made a new episode. There are so many ways this could get screwed up. Better to just remember why you don't have cable and go back to bed.

Believer: Look, it was one of the Best. Series. Ever. And at four seasons, they hadn't even scratched the surface! The original voice talent is returning, 13 episodes is, while less than a full season, gives the creators time to polish every show till it's perfect. And it will be, dammit. I mean, did you watch any of season 4? If that's the jumping off point, I can't wait to see what's next.

Me: YAY! (crosses fingers) please don't suck...

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