You’ve got too much privacy, America!

At least according to James Senselessbrenner, fuckwit extraordinaire and chair of the House Judiciary Committee, who has proposed legislation requiring ISPs to store information about Americans’ online activities “so that police can more easily ‘conduct criminal investigations.’ Executives at companies that fail to comply would be fined and imprisoned for up to one year."

Additionally, “Sensenbrenner's legislation—expected to be announced as early as this week—also would create a federal felony targeted at bloggers, search engines, e-mail service providers and many other Web sites. It's aimed at any site that might have ‘reason to believe’ it facilitates access to child pornography—through hyperlinks or a discussion forum, for instance.”

It’s called—get this—the Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act (or Internet SAFETY Act). Good grief. This may be the most cynical use of the old “think of the children!” chestnut I’ve ever seen. This isn’t about kids; it’s about invading the privacy of every single American who goes online.

In response, I am proposing the Internet Stop Republicans Cravenly Exploiting With Youth-Oriented Underhandedness Act—or Internet SCREW YOU Act.

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