Excuse Me! Excuse Me!

From deep in an excellent article about Ralph Reed by Bob Moser:
One notable exception to the official silence has been Marvin Olasky, a longtime Texas adviser of Bush who literally wrote the book on "compassionate conservatism." Olasky, editor of the most popular organ of the evangelical right, World magazine, has been outspoken in his view that Reed "has damaged Christian political work by confirming for some the stereotype that evangelicals are easily manipulated
Oh, but you ARE, bitches! Ya ARE!
and that evangelical leaders use moral issues to line their pockets."
Show me one "evangelical leader" who lives in a one bedroom apartment and drives a Hyundai. Sorry, but that's a bit rich for my blood, Mr. Olasky. Maybe Reed "confirmed the stereotype" because it's TRUE??!! Hello?

Are there any voters more easy to manipulate than evangelical christians? Just toss in the word "Family" and throw some rocks at The Gays and out come the checkbooks. Why the hell do you think Tom DeLay is suddenly tripping over his Giorgio Brutinis to Come to Jesus? Cos lawyers is EXPENSIVE, y'all! Just pass the plate! Brother Tom is doing Gawd's Work.

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