If you think the unwavering support for Bush that we were discussing yesterday is insane, check this out:

Powerline’s Hinderaker endorses DeLay for OMB Director: “No one knows more about the budget. And I’d like to see the administration show some support for DeLay.”
(The Office of Management and Budget is vacant because of Josh Bolten’s promotion after Andy Card’s resignation.)

I’ve always wondered with what, exactly, that delicious Kool-Aid is spiked. I used to think maybe LSD, except I’ve dropped plenty of acid and not a single time did I hallucinate pink unicorns, believe I could fly, or succumb to outrageous fantasies like Tom DeLay as OMB Director being a good idea. (It was more of a “that crack in the ceiling is totally cool” thing.) So I’ve got no idea what it is. Maybe some kind of synthetic mind-altering drug concocted by scientists secreted away deep in Dark Lord Cheney’s “undisclosed location,” which I’m fairly certain is a underground bunker with air so thin it causes irreparable brain damage to anyone who isn’t at least 50% cyborg. It’s probably all the scientists who had the audacity to question the administration; one offhand comment about prematurely declaring Ground Zero safe, and they were whisked off to work on Kool-Aid enhancers for the rest of their pitiable lives, endlessly tortured by their proximity to the caged virgins whose blood is harvested for Cheney’s baths. Poor sods.

Anyway, whatever it is, Hindrocket’s obviously hooked himself to an IV so a steady stream can be delivered, lest he accidentally have a lucid thought.

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