Best Column Ever!

It’s called “The Hazards of Duke: Predatory Feminism” (the hat tip goes to Samhita at Feministing) and it was penned by David R. Usher, President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition, and it is one of the best defenses of feminism I have ever read—although I can assure you, that was not Mr. Usher’s intent.

You really must read the whole thing to appreciate it in all its luminescent glory, but here are some of my favorite parts:

Rapists sneak around and do things as anonymously as possible. They plan their mark and then police spend a lot of time and resources to figure out who did it. Gang-raping women in busy college party bathrooms while hollering racial epithets is not something that happens even at “Animal House”.
I’m so glad that’s all cleared up. I guess we should release all the convicted rapists who committed their dirty deeds to film or turn gang-rape into a public spectator sport, since you’re only a real rapist if you’re clandestine and anonymous.

My prediction: The case will be quietly TUA’d and quickly replaced with a tremendous civil suit against the University (buffered by Duke-educated “experts” from the local women’s abuse center).

This is exactly what the University deserves for allowing feminists to run the campus in the first place, while stifling the healthy political and social views of heterosexual men. Organized feminism is about women and trial lawyers using sex to make money from a pedestal of feigned Victorian purity.
Wow. Just wow.

He then goes on to declare the mission statement of Duke’s women’s studies department “an end-stage fascist manifesto.” As one would expect, it outlines an attempt to broaden the scope of how we view the world, to incorporate a spectrum of opinion and experience from members of each “gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality.” Which is, you know, sort of the opposite of fascism.

But he doesn’t stop there. Mr. Usher’s got some recommendations, too.

My message to men and real women on college campuses everywhere: Stay away from feminists and strippers. The last thing you want to date is a girl who studies feminism. Be sure she believes in equal rights for men to be in the family. Make certain she rejects feminism before even asking her out on a date. Get to know her previous boyfriend to find out why they broke up. If she says he is a jerk but he isn’t, you probably have a feminist on your hands.

…Feminism has already destroyed over half the husbands and fathers in America. What you fail to do now is what you will get later.
I’m not sure from where he’s getting his numbers. I suspect that “over half” is referring to the divorce rate, which pretty much makes that a declaration that no marriage has ever ended through any fault of a man’s. I’ll be sure to call my ex-husband and let him know he’s off the hook; it wasn’t both of our failings after all. Just mine. He should be very pleased.

I wondered, as I read this delightful jeremiad, who the audience for Mr. Usher’s work really is. Who are the men who read Men’s News Daily? And then I noticed the advertising, right next to the prominently displayed picture of Mr. Usher himself, clearly targeted to the expectations of a specific audience as are all adverts. I did a screen grab, so you could surmise for yourself the mentality of those to whom this swill is being marketed.

You know you want to!

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