Question of the Day

Suggested by Mrs. Toast:

“How about things that you do and you don't know why you do them? For instance, whenever I get on the scale, I hold my boobs like they're too big to see around, but they're not. I've always done it and I don't know why. Very odd.”

I love this one! (And I wish I could say the same as Mrs. T, but to my endless chagrin, my boobs have been too big to see around since I was about 9.)

I always have to have my windows open in a particular order. Email, then any internet thingies, then applications like Word, Photoshop, etc. If they get mixed up, I have to start all over—because I’ve been doing it that way for so long that I can’t find Outlook unless it’s in the bottom left. I have no idea why I started in the first place, but it’s probably because I always open email first at work before I’d start anything else, to check if I had anything urgent that needed to get done.

I also have some inexplicable unconscious habits that friends have pointed out to me. Like, when I drop something, I point at it before I pick it up. And even now that it’s been thoroughly mocked so that I’m aware of it, I still can’t help doing it. (I also do this if I stumble across something worth picking up that was dropped by someone else, like a $5 bill on the street, at which I was pointing before stooping when this habit was first pointed out to me.) Apparently, I also knit my brow very tightly when I read and stick my tongue out while I’m concentrating.

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