Okay, Here's the Problem

Actress (you don't know how bad I wanted to put that in quotes) Teri Hatcher has come forward to attest to surviving molestation as a teenager in this month's Vanity Fair. The cover photo?

This is like those games when you were a kid. How many things can you find that are wrong with this picture? What, you mean aside from the fact that I can see her inner thigh in a story about child molestation? Or that whatever her birth certificate might say, she's been lifted and peeled and photoshopped into that pubescent nymphette age-zone that our society insists is the only desirable window of a woman's life?

No, the thing that is the most wrong about this picture? The canned expression of fear on her face! Does this not make a mockery of the entire message? "I-am-being-brave-and-strong, but you just happened to catch me at the moment that all my clothes spontaneously flew off! Oh, my goodness, Master! I didn't expect you to be here!"

Is it me? Throw me a bone, here, people.

(Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and cross post...EVERYBODY jump!)

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