My Name is Bush/And I am Funky

Few things are sadder than a fading star feverishly trying to recapture that old magic. It struck me today how much our angry wee Preznint has in common with a certain wee, zany rock star from Minneapolis. Yes, children. We now have Prince for a president.

And not good Prince. The famous "Bullhorn Moment"? That was W's "Purple Rain". It's been downhill ever since. Unfortunately, if you will recall, "Purple Rain" was followed by Bush's "Under the Cherry Moon", the War in Iraq. People who knew better tried to talk Prince out of making that movie, but he swore he knew what he was doing. And we all know how that turned out.

Yeah, in this version, Wendy is played by Condi Rice and Lisa is Karen Hughes. And we're now at the "My Name is Prince" stage of the president's career. Remember that sketch on "In Living Color"? "My name is Prince, and I'm FUNKY, y'all!" as he shrinks and shrinks until he disappears?

The NSA Spying Program? Bush's "Black Album". He wasn't going to release it, but it got out anyway. He tried to give us the ports deal instead ("Lovesexy" without the dickhead flower!) as distraction, but just like "Lovesexy", that one was dead on arrival.

So today's press conference was just another lackluster single release. His albums keep entering the charts lower and lower. Daily, I am expecting the announcement that he has changed his name to a symbol and refuses to talk to the press, only appearing in public with the word "SLAVE" scrawled across his cheek.

(let's go cross-post/let's get nuts...)

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