in which i embarrass myself

My film professor holds his office hours at an on-campus Starbucks, and I went there today to ask him to clarify the prompt for a paper that's due next week. So after he explains it to me, I remember something I wanted to ask him:

Me: Oh, wait, I wanted to ask you something. What did you think of Crash?
Prof: It was terrible. Blah blah filmy-person talk.
Me: Okay, that makes me feel better. I was afraid I was just being negative in thinking it was total ass.
Graduate Assistant: Did you just say 'ass'?
Me: Umm, yeah, I did.
Graduate Assistant: That's awesome.
Me: Sorry.
Prof: Chuckle.
Graduate Assistant: I would have been terrified to talk like that to a professor at your age.
Me: I kind of have a problem with authority.
Prof: Me too. Be a college professor. You don't have to listen to anybody.
Me: I was considering that. I'm an English major.
Graduate Assistant/Prof: Ohhhh.

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