i have this thing.

I have this thing where I get really irritated by people who talk on the phone in the computer areas and the library. Because the thing is, everyone can hear them and their stupid conversations. This applies everywhere, really. I admire the employees of the many campus Starbucks locations, who have taken to writing threatening messages to would-be in-line phone users on the chalk boards about how they'll be refused service (empty threats, of course, but the point is made). My favorite one is a picture of two snails. One is on the phone, and the other's saying, "dude, you used to be cool." The mini grocery store I stop at for water on my walks with Ciara has a sign taped to the counter that says, "yeah, we all think your cell phone is really neat. Now turn it off." So anyway, just as I am so that person who turns around in class and asks you to quiet down so I can hear the professor, I have also been known to politely ask library-phoners to make themselves scarce.

For example. There's a small room with ten computers attached to one of the cafeterias. There's always a wait, because it's a crowded area. So I go in and all the computers are taken, but there's one that's still on the bright blue "look at me, I'm a free computer" screen. But some chick is sitting there, reading from a book into her cell phone. I can hear every word. So I wait a couple minutes and nobody gets up. Dammit, I say in my head. I have to look up some stuff for my art history test. So I go over and ask her if I can use her computer. She looks up at me like I've just burned her with a hot poker, shoots me The Dirtiest Look, and says, "I am using it. I'm going to use it in a minute." Yikes. I sit down again. She immediately opens up Hotmail to her inbox but stays on the phone. Somebody gets up and I get a computer. She's still on the Hotmail inbox, doing nothing, talking on the phone. That was ten minutes ago. Yeah, she's using it all right. Tell me again why cell phones are a good thing?

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