If you had $100 to invest politically, where would it go?

That’s the question the lovely Nancy Goldstein is asking of progressive bloggers in her latest column. Says N:

True confessions: when I queried folks, I told them that I, like so many disenchanted progressives, had sworn off giving money to the Democratic National Party in the wake of the Alito/judicial nominations debacle. And I asked them to consider where they'd spend their hard-earned dough with that in mind.

It's important to go beyond saying no. We need to let folks out in the blogosphere - and among our elected officials - know what we DO still believe in and where we WILL still continue to spend our political dollars.
She got responses from twenty bloggers in seventeen states, including many of our favorites. What strikes me about the answers is that not only are progressive bloggers genuinely passionate members of a highly motivated liberal base, but that we are all “moral values” voters—a distinct difference in what those values are notwithstanding. I would hope that any Dem who reads N’s column takes away that message. Your base has a very clear moral impetus, and when you move rightward, you’re not just ignoring it; you’re rejecting it.

And of course I’ve got to mention this, care of Nikki Strickland at Alenda Lux:

My ideal place to give? Some dream party lead by Marcotte and McEwan where people tell the damn truth.
Something tells me if Amanda and I tried to start a political party, it would collapse under the weight of our distraction as we spent endless hours talking about music.

In all honesty, I can't even tell you what a tempting idea it is, if a little thing like reality didn't insist on getting in the way.


(Full disclosure: I was asked to participate, but couldn’t, as I’m now writing for Raw Story.)

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