I have a q for you guys: do you know what a BlackBerry is? CNN says that you don't. Today's Quickvote poll asks what BlackBerry service loss would be: 'armageddon,' 'nirvana' or 'what's a BlackBerry?' The results are currently 15%, 27% and 56%, respectively. My response to which was, as we used to say in 1993, are you cereal? First of all, nirvana? It's just an organizer/cell phone. Who cares if a bunch of businessypeople carry little gadgets around? Second of all, buh? Either that 56% is comprised mainly of flippant neo-Luddites 150 years late to the machine-bashing party, or some other weird thing where people manage to avoid cultural general knowledge is going on, in which case I want in on that secret, because there's a lot of useless crap in my brain and I'd like to avoid any more, like any additional Justin Timberlake lyrics.


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