It's a Wev Sort of Question of the Day

I am feeling markedly lazy, boring and uninspired today. Via blog posts and emails, Sis has related to me that she feels the same. Her words were, in fact, "I feel like a collapsing flan- just sort of lazily folding inward from the weight of apathy, lol." Laugh out loud indeed. That is hilarious. My suggestions for possible QotDs were of the "hmm, let's see, gotta be something...think think think..." nature. So clearly there's something in the water in Orange County and somewhere in Indiana. It could be everywhere! Does anyone else feel this way today?

But I couldn't help but wonder, a la Sex and the City: if we are to attribute these kinds of days to natural causes such as feminine issues and the mysteries of the human brain, and not so much as to, say, certain SSRIs, then how are we to extract ourselves from such moods? So, submitted for discussion as a service to the befunked public, is the Question of the Day: how do you get out of a funk?

My panacea of choice is exercise, so an hour from now will probably find me masochistically running stairs at the beach until I achieve the "stomach digesting heart" sensation. Then I'll go home and watch my Lost DVD. My rule is: if you exercise before you're lazy, then you're not lazy. You're resting. And everyone needs rest.

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