Holy shit, she's back...

You remember Emily Miller, don't you? Of course you do- she's the State Department employee who lunged at the cameraman back in May of '04 when Colin Powell got WAAAAAAY out in front of the White House and said that US troops would leave Iraq if the new government asked them to.

Here's what I think happened:

The White House sends a press handler out to Jordan with Colin Powell. Her name is Emily Miller. She used to be Press Aide for Tom DeLay (search the article- it's deep in it), so her Sturmabteilung credentials are flawless. (Why do I think that she's a handler and not Powell's subordinate? Because Powell is former military and anyone that works for him would be completely aware of that fact. The level of insubordination that Emily displays would never be tolerated by General Powell if she was his employee. That's supposition, and it's worth what it cost you, but deep in your heart, you know I'm right. *wink*)

Yesterday, Powell gets out in front of the White House and says that US Troops will leave Iraq if the new government in Iraq asks for them to. Of course, the White House says "Fuck no. We don't know where Colin got that."

Today on Meet the Press, someone tackles the camera man (mirrored here [link was broken. -ed.]) and points it away from Powell in the middle of the toughest question of the interview. Powell is heard in the background saying "Emily, get out of the way."

The camera returns to Powell, and he answers the question.

Turns out I was wrong that she wasn't Powell's subordinate, at least nominally. She was also, according to an article that Fixer points us too, really really pissed that weekend.

In May 2004, Miller found herself at the center of attention when—while live on air—she ordered a cameraman for NBC’s Meet the Press to stop filming Colin Powell. A copy of the transcript shows Miller, who also used to work as an NBC staffer, as a brusque press aide. Powell eventually ordered that the interview continue and asked Miller to step aside.

What many people didn’t realize at the time, however, is that during the Powell interview Miller was upset because her fiancee, Michael Scanlon, had broken off their engagement, two of Miller’s former State Department co-workers said. While still engaged to Miller, Scanlon had started an affair with a manicurist and broke up with Miller because he planned to marry the other woman, three of Scanlon’s former associates at DeLay’s office said. They added that the two had numerous public arguments.

See.... that's interesting. It doesn't completely scuttle my theory that the White House/Bushistas in the State Department/DeLay Axis powers had Miller along as a minder and mole, it's that she was kind of... emotional.... that weekend, and deeply exceeded her mandate. (And they call liberals and democrats hysterical...)

However, Emily would not be denied... oh, no... As Fixer says, "All it takes is one wronged woman to bring down an Empire."

But Miller had something on Scanlon. He confided in her all of his dealings with Abramoff, former colleagues said. She saw his emails and knew the intimate details of his lobbying work—work which is now the center of a criminal fraud investigation. After the breakup, Miller went to the FBI and told them everything about Scanlon’s dealings with Abramoff, her coworkers added.

In turning him in, she became the agency’s star witness against her former lover. Scanlon pled guilty in November and is cooperating with prosecutors; Abramoff reached a plea agreement today.

Scanlon's former colleagues did not speak warmly of him, saying he was not a very likable person because of the way he treated others, and that he later became flamboyant with his newfound wealth.

and fucking the manicurist, too. What a swell guy.

And before we go laying wreaths at Emily Miller's feet, I think it's important to remember that she's not really our kind of people...

if she doesn't work for Powell, she is a State Department employee, so he is, at least indirectly, her boss. She must be blessed from on high, as they say.

Here is my favorite Emily Miller story yet (from here)-

In 2001 Miller was working as press secretary to then-Majority Whip Tom DeLay when she lashed into Post Magazine writer Peter Perl while he was doing a profile of her boss, screaming: "You lied! . . . You betrayed him! You twisted his words! . . . We don't know you. You don't exist. . . . You are dead to us."

The story fails to fill in whether or not she had a Priest administer Last Rights before she popped one in his dome.

Fun bunch of folks, huh? It's been sort of entertaining to watch them run around stabbing each other in the back. I just wish someone would donate a chunk of Scanlon's seized bank account to my Studio Fund. That's about the only thing that would make this any better than it already is.

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