Limbo Party!

Catholics to say goodbye to Limbo, the place where apparently dead babies go because they "deserve neither Heaven nor Hell"? Say it isn't so! Apparently, Pope Ratzo is considering abolishing the old infant hang-out in favor of his late pal Pope John Paul's recommendation to come up with "a more coherent and enlightened way of describing the fate of such innocents."

Lordy, Lordy, what will good old Popey decide? Do babies finally get to go to either Heaven or Hell? Will there become a more PC place than Limbo - perhaps "Neutral Deceased Infant Stabilization Zone"? Do adults ever go to Limbo (sadly, I'm not Catholic & I don't feel like researching it)? Will Ratzo ban gay babies? Unfortunately, we will have to wait on pins and needles until the "international theological commission" decides what to advise His Greatness.

I must digress. Am I the only who finds all this bullshit ridiculous? Okay, the Pope is God's representative or something, chosen by God apparently to be the middle man between Him and the common folk. But the Pope is elected by a closed-door commission of holy bigwigs. The current Pope is the old Pope's crony (what a no-brainer). Now the Pope & pals think maybe perhaps oh I don't know, they'll just arbitrarily decide, "Hey, you know that Limbo thing - nevermind!" I'm sorry, and I don't mean to offend Catholics, but doesn't anyone see the man behind the curtain yet? It's all bullshit! And speaking of Catholics, do any of them actually follow what their church tells them to? I've not met a one who did. I'm just saying...

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