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Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom. You may be good at strongarming and arm twisting, but subtlety was never your forté.

DeLay's Lawyers Subpoena His Prosecutor

Okay, time for the obligatory "can you imagine if Clinton did this?" comment.

Can you imagine if Clinton had tried this?

Okay, I feel better.

WASHINGTON - Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay

Wait, wait just a second, I just love seeing that in print.

WASHINGTON - Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay

*Sigh* Just brings a big smile to my face. Okay, on with it:

WASHINGTON - Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay's attorneys turned the tables on a Texas prosecutor Tuesday, delivering a subpoena to compel his testimony about his conduct with grand jurors.

Defense attorney Dick DeGuerin, who contends there was misconduct by prosecutors, said Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle refused the subpoena at his Austin office when he declined to sign a paper acknowledging its delivery. Earle said he had voluntarily accepted the subpoena.

Nyyyeah, nyeah, nyeah. Jesus; we're governed by children.

The subpoena is part of the defense tactic to have charges dismissed before trial against DeLay, R-Texas, who was obligated to temporarily step aside as House majority leader when charged with conspiracy and money laundering in a state campaign finance investigation. DeLay has denied any wrongdoing.

So in other words, it's compolete Bullshit. And of course he's denied wrongdoing. He's given us every reason to believe him, hasn't he?

DeGuerin wants Earle to answer 12 questions about conversations he had with grand jurors, including whether the prosecutor became angry when a grand jury decided against an indictment of DeLay and why that decision was not publicly released.

He also wants to know the details of Earle's conversation with William Gibson, foreman of a grand jury that indicted DeLay on conspiracy charges, whose term has since ended.

"If you did nothing improper, you should not be concerned about answering these questions," DeGuerin said in his letter to Earle.

Ahem. Heh. Haha. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Damn you, kettle! I'm the pot, and I say you're BLACK!

The first grand jury indicted DeLay on conspiracy charges, the second failed to indict and the third indicted him on an allegation of money laundering. DeLay has said he is innocent of wrongdoing.

AWK! AWK!! Innocent of wrongdoing! *whistle* Man, they're parroting that enough, aren't they? Gee, for someone who's innocent of wrongdoing... he's awfully concerned about answering some questions, isn't he?

In a motion filed last week, the defense team said that from Sept. 29 through Oct. 3, Earle and his staff "unlawfully participated in grand jury deliberations and attempted to browbeat and coerce" the grand jury that refused to indict DeLay.

The motion said Earle then attempted to cover up and delay public disclosure of the refusal, and also "incited" the foreman of the first grand jury to violate grand jury secrecy by talking publicly about the case — in an effort to influence grand jurors still sitting.

The foreman, William Gibson, gave media interviews after the grand jury finished its work but told The Associated Press that Earle did not ask him to discuss the case.

"That's a bunch of (expletive) there," Gibson said. "That man did not talk to me."

I suddenly really like William Gibson.

Both indictments of DeLay focused on an alleged scheme to move money around and conceal the use of corporate contributions to support Texas Republican legislative candidates. State law prohibits use of corporate donations to support or oppose state candidates, allowing the money to go only for administrative expenses.

DeGuerin is asking for all documents, notes, telephone records and other relevant materials from Earle's staff.

"I am determined to put on record the steps taken by you and your staff to obtain a replacement indictment against my client, Tom DeLay," DeGuerin said in a letter to the prosecutor.

This is blatant misdirection, and I don't think they're fooling anyone. It just goes to show the shamelessness and cowardice of DeLay. They all know that they're hiding behind a very delicate house of cards, and here come the other kids to knock them down.

DeLay broke the law, he's been caught, and now he has to face the music. But like any good Republican, he can't go down without whining the whole way and pointing his finger at the Democrats. Take the pipe, bitch. Hey, "Hammer," I think Rush and Rove have room for you in the playpen.


UPDATE: As always, The Green Knight has more. And it's better than what I wrote, damn him!

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