Rumor Warning

Via Fix, we find some juicy rumors at One Good Move. Ooh, how I was excited, except then I got to this sentence:

Powell recounted to [McCain] that he had traveled on air force one with Bush and Cheney, and brought to their attention a classified memorandum about the issue of whether there was indeed a transaction inolving [sic] Niger and yellow cake uranium.
Wait a second, thought I. Cheney wasn’t on that flight. It was Ari Fleischer.

Turns out I’m not the only one who’s noticed that these rumors, supplied in an email sent to a bunch of liberal bloggers, some of whom posted it, are probably bunk. Billmon’s got a good post here.

(Not in any way a condemnation of anyone who posted this info, btw. I might easily have done the same, were it not for remembering some esoteric detail of a flight to Africa. This is just a heads-up for anyone who might have read this info elsewhere.)

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