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Technically, this is the second QotD, following up on Tart’s Famous Last Words (to which you should hop over and throw in your favorite last line of a novel if you haven’t already). This one was requested by Catherine from Poverty Barn and Daily Pepper, and it’s about name changes in association with marriage and/or long-term partnership.

For the straight women: Why did (or will) you decide to keep/change/hyphenate your name?

For the straight guys: What are your thoughts—do you have a preference as to whether your wife keeps or changes her name? Would you consider taking your wife’s name?

For Ls/Gs/Bs/Ts: A) If you’re in a state that allows legal marriage, same questions; or B) If you’re in (or if you were in) a long-term relationship, do you have any interest in taking your partner’s name, or having your partner taking your name, or doing a hyphenation of the two for both of you?

(Any straight people who may be in non-marriage life partnerships are welcome to weigh in, too, of course.)

As an aside, I know two different couples where the man took the woman’s last name, because he liked hers better.

I changed my name because my maiden name was hard to spell and pronounce, and I thought McEwan would be a piece of cake. As it turns out, I was wrong. I still have to correct pronunciations and spell it all the time.

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