The president’s poll numbers are down while inflation is up, Iraq remains a quagmire, the former House Majority Leader is under indictment, the Senate Majority Leader is under investigation by the SEC, a special investigator may be issuing indictments on some of the most senior members of the administration any day now, a spy’s been found in Cheney’s office, the White House has been found guilty of propagandizing by the GAO, lobbyists with close ties to many GOP congresscritters are in deep shit, and now, to top it all of, their base is falling apart as conservatives revolt because of Miers’ nomination.

So, it’s time to peddle some hate!

Gary from American Regression alerted me that the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to (as described by their site) examine the Constitutional Amendment on Marriage today. As Gary notes:

That's right kids...To[day] in the US Senate, in light of a some scary shit on the horizon for the Supreme Court, they are going to start the discussion of passing a Federal Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to protect the nation from gay marriage.

I hate to say it, but hatred sells in this country! This tactic more than worked for them in the past! They want to use this ploy to protect their own hides in the 2006 election cycle. But irrespective of that, they are trying to define us again as non-citizens!

Well, I wasn't going to stand for that shit the first time, and I sure as hell will not stand idly by and let them try again!
Nor am I. There is absolutely, categorically no reason for this amendment. It is morally indefensible to deny the rights of marriage (or civil unions, or whatever name by which you want to call them—but some guarantee of the same rights conferred to those who can legally marry) based on sexual preference. Not even religious conservatives, who don’t passionately pursue laws withholding tax, estate planning, government, employment, medical, death, family, housing, or consumer benefits, nor other assorted legal benefits and protections, from adulterers, or “sinners” of any other stripe, can defend the singling out of the LGBT community for such punitive legislation. It is totally irrational, totally unfounded, and totally hateful.

Take action now against this disgusting display of homobigotry and sorry excuse by the GOP to attempt to rally their base with hate and fear. Tell your Senator to stop wasting time on the Federal Marriage Amendment via the Human Rights Campaign (they couldn’t make it easier!), and sign the Million for Marriage petition to show your support for equality for all Americans.

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