Ass and a Half: Jonah Goldberg

The full name of the book is Liberal Fascism : The Totalitarian Temptation from Mussolini to Hillary Clinton. And I’m seriously so annoyed that I can’t even construct a decent response, so go read The Green Knight, who already did.

Oh, here’s something else that serves as a good critique:

We may be living in the worst period of Holocaust denial since the Nuremberg trials. I'm not referring to the twisted morons who insist that the Holocaust never happened the way the Monty Python guys insisted the parrot wasn't dead. I'm referring to the legions of Holocaust deniers in [politics], on the Web, on college campuses, in the mainstream press and, most acutely, in my e-mail box every morning, who reduce to the Holocaust to a triviality…

At every event protesting war, Bush, America, this, that and the other thing, one can find pictures of various administration officials in SS garb or bearing Hitler mustaches. On the Web…insubstantial people [bolster] their self-esteem by pretending to "speak truth to power" to the unfolding Nazification of America…

If you're going to call [someone] a Nazi, show me the children with tattoos on their arms. Show me the stockpiles of emaciated corpses. Show me files cabinets full of memos detailing how [they] plan on disposing of millions of dead American citizens killed with poisonous gas.

If you can't show me any of these things - and you can't - then stop calling [someone] a Nazi.
Wow—good points, Jonah.

I haven’t read his book yet, but I guess he’s got evidence of Hillary Clinton planning to dispose of millions of dead Americans killed with poisonous gas and pictures of children with tattoos on their arms. Explosive stuff!

And just to show you what an absolute, inveterate wanker Jonah Goldberg really is, here’s another snippet from the same article:

This isn't a partisan point. I would make the same argument if Al Gore were president. I loathed Bill Clinton as president, but I always took pains to chastise conservatives who compared him to Stalin or Hitler. As bad as Clinton's behavior was, only a man in leave of his senses would compare it to the systematized and bureaucratized mass-murder of millions of people.
I’ll get your padded room ready, you useless douche.

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