Accountability Now, You Bastards

Shakespeare’s Sister:

"There are those now calling for Bush’s impeachment. Fuck impeachment. The whole lot of them—every last conservative ideologue who has advocated “starving the beast,” every last one of those selfish, soulless, anti-American bastards—ought to be rounded up and sent to the Superdome to live in the river of shit and piss until every single refugee has been provided safe sanctuary and a warm meal. Then Bush and his gang of cretins can clean up the trail of scattered corpses. Let the blood that belongs on their hands be a literal lesson for these pitiless pieces of human refuse. It’s long overdue."


"Take a good look at the news Republicans. A looooong fucking look, because at no real risk to yourself (which we know is just how you like it) you have been given a great and rare gift for which others have paid a terrible price…

[I]n New Orleans you have been vouchsafed a glimpse into the future of your deepest wettest dreams."

The Green Knight:

"Neo-conservative theory has run headlong into reality, and let me tell you the theory is wrong, folks. The authorities are, right before your eyes, sacrificing the lives of your fellow Americans on the altar of their vile social programming theory. Better for people to die than get help. Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile.

This is your government. This is the logical outcome of all that neocon Thatcherite management-theory bullshit that has hypnotized the Western world for the past decade. This is Hell on Earth."


"Class, in many respects, trumps race.

What is different though, because so many of the survivors are black, is that bias when it comes to the crime and violence committed in NOLA easily spills from the mouths and keyboards of the right wing. The conditioning we all receive that young black men = hoodlum is powerful. The fact that the vast majority of those left behind are not criminals -- but are certainly being victimized by those criminals among them -- seems to be lost on these bigots.

They'd prefer that the whole lot of them be washed away."

PZ Meyers:

"It is also obvious that there is one huge, dominant factor that has been operating over decades to culminate now, in this problem and many others: the Republican party. The party of know-nothings, incompetence, greed, bigotry, religious intolerance, and irresponsibility. We now have the government they wanted, and that we allowed them to have."

The Viscount LaCarte:

"To 'Conservative Christians,' 'Evangelicals,' 'Libertarians,' 'Republicans.' This travesty is your fault. This is what you voted for, what you chose. This is the result of the stupid silly poppycock that oozes out of your gaping, spam-fed, pseudo christian pie holes, like 'Why should MY MONEY pay for other people's misfortunes?'"

Barbara at Mahablog:

"I hope this puts to rest the canard that being against the Iraq war makes one 'soft' on national security. The misallocation of manpower, money, and other resources to Iraq--a country that was no threat to the United States--leaves us more vulnerable in countless ways…

[I]t should [also] be apparent that Bush is making irresponsible choices for appointment to office (e.g., Michael Brown). Republicans should stop whining that mean ol' Democrats are blocking Bush appointees. Bush can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt that his nominees are qualified for their jobs."


"Americans have a habit of talking about politics as something apart from the normal doings of their lives. Kind of strange of us, considering that the normal doings of our lives are only possible because of politics. Turning on the tap to get a drink of water is a political act if only because the water flows and is relatively clean because of decisions made by politicians who owe their jobs to political decisions made by us.

Want to see what life without politics looks like? Turn on the TV and look at the video from New Orleans before the Guard got there.

The devastation caused by the storm was the least of Louisiana and Mississippi's troubles. All the rest of it is a result of a failure of political leadership, from the President on down to the local mayors---political leadership disappeared.


But more than the failures being political failures; they are moral failures, as well."

Rexroth’s Daughter:

"I feel some hope that this catastrophe will bring to light the need for an efficient, compassionate, progressive government, that 2006 will restore us to congressional leadership. But I am full of despair that the illumination has come once again on the backs of the poor and destitute."

John Howard:

"The bottom line here is that Bush has failed. And this isn't a failure that effects a handful of Americans who volunteered, and some faceless foreigners, this is affecting Americans in America, just trying to pick up what is left of their lives. And sure there are plenty of others who have failed these people too, but I'm pretty sure the buck stops with Bush. At a time like this, America needs a leader, and we simply don't have one."

Kathy at Liberty Street:

"If it were rich white families from the Garden District, or from one of the exclusive gated communities like Barkley Estates or Oakland Plantation who were trapped in New Orleans with no way to get out, being raped and beaten and murdered in sports stadiums, and with no food or water, would it take five days, or even three days, to get them out?

Come on. You know it wouldn't."

Blue Girl in a Red State:

"I'm dreaming that there are millions of people fed up with this administration. That finally millions of people on both the left and right are fed up with our lack of leadership. I'm dreaming that millions of people want to put a stop to our country's downward spiral."

Jeanne d’Arc:

"The gates are up at the other America."

Brad Plumer:

"I, for one, can't wait until Congress gets back in session and starts debating the estate tax, Medicaid cuts, and taking the knife to heating assistance for the poor."

The Heretik:

"IT WAS HARD TO LOOK AT THE TELEVISION TODAY We hope it will be easier for people of the Gulf States to look at the sky tomorrow."

And Joe Scarborough (yes that Joe Scarborough):

"Friends, I have got to tell you, I have been involved in a lot of hurricane relief before, and what I have been seeing these past few days is nothing short of a national disgrace....

I know a lot of people out there say, well, how can people be looting?

You got to understand that these are people who have young babies who haven't had water in four days, in some cases, haven't had formula, haven't had basic necessities. I just wonder what you would do, what I would do if we were in a situation where our 15-month-old child or our 2-year-old baby needed something to stay alive. I don't know what you would do. I know I would do anything it took to get what they needed....

You know, friends, I was in public office. I was a member of Congress. I understand how difficult some of these situations are. But don't you believe in the coming days that this storm caught people by surprise. We knew in Pensacola, Florida, that this was going to be a killer storm. It was going to be a Category 4. We were saying on Friday, it would be a historic storm.

So, any politician in Louisiana, Alabama, or Mississippi that tells you they were surprised, well, they don't deserve your trust or your vote next time."

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