Pat Buchanan Calls for Bush’s Impeachment

Seriously. But not because of any of the following reasons:

Lying to take the country to war
Mishandling the war
Abu Ghraib
The appropriation of 9/11 as a political tool
Mismanaging the economy
Repeated misidentification of dissenters as traitors
Possible involvement of highest advisors in CIA outing
Election fraud
Spending a year out of five on vacation
Demonizing the LGBT community
Cynical exploitation of homophobia
Encroachment on women’s rights
The Bankruptcy Bill
The Energy Bill
The Clear Skies Initiative
The Patriot Act
The Terri Schiavo debacle
Failure to address healthcare crisis
Failure to extend assault weapons ban
Failure to endorse stem cell research
General disregard for traditional conservative principals
Criminal stupidity

Or any one of 1,000 other idiocies I could name. Nope, Pat’s mad about immigration.

Pat Buchanan, a leading conservative pundit and former presidential adviser, quietly suggested House Republicans mull impeaching President Bush -- though not for the liberals' cause celebre, Iraq -- but rather for what he sees as Bush's 'criminal' failure to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, RAW STORY has discovered.

"We are being invaded," the reactionary Republican declared in his column Monday, "and the president of the United States is not doing his duty to protect the states against that invasion."


"Bush is chief executive of the United States. It is his duty to enforce the laws," he adds. "Can anyone fairly say he is enforcing the immigration laws? Those laws are clear. People who break in are to be sent back. Yet, more than 10 million have broken in with impunity."

Now, of course, Pat Buchanan is saying all this because he’s an inveterate racist, but, in truth, considering the president’s primary election strategy of declaring himself “the security president” and vowing to secure the country’s borders, it is true he’s broken yet another promise to the American people.

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