Unbelievable—80% of the city is now underwater, they can’t even begin to calculate how many lives have been lost, and it’s just a total mess. Airports are under water, buildings are burning, there are leaking oil tankers, gas leaks, no electricity or fresh water…I honestly can’t even begin to comprehend the madness down there at the moment. Shamanic’s got some good NOLA links to check out.

Meanwhile, experts are predicting a national gas crisis, and The Fixer looks at the potential insurance fall-out. In Fix’s comments, Michael Hawkins notes that grocery prices are on the rise, which is a (usually unaddressed) consequence of higher energy costs, while at his place mentions that the poverty rate in the US has risen to 12.7%, marking a fourth year of increasing national poverty. And from USA Today reader comments, another sad consideration (hat tip to Michael at AMERICAblog):
New Jersey: With the economic nightmare that Hurricane Katrina is causing for so many people, has anyone thought about how sad it is that in October, the new bankruptcy laws will go into effect? Those people will still be homeless, unemployed and broke, when the new law goes into effect, so filing bankruptcy will be the last thing on their mind. How would you like to be required to go to credit counseling when you are homeless? Stupid President Bush!!!
I don’t even know what my point is. I guess just that everything seems really fucked up at the moment.

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