I'm getting goddamned tired of waiting.

It's an effective tactic. Not a very clever or admirable one, but effective.

  1. Bush comes up with a crazy scheme and/or Bush is accused of a wrongdoing.
  2. There is outspoken opposition to his plan and/or people demand answers and investigations.
  3. Bush ignores everything, remains silent, and waits.
  4. Bush gets what he wants and/or problem vanishes.

It happens time and again, and now it's happened with John Bolton, the worst possible person to appoint as Ambassador to the United Nations. I'm not going to get into the reasons here, as most of you know all these reasons anyway and that's not really the point of this rant.

In a particularly infantile and pathetic move, Bush once again simply waited out the problem until he could skip around the system and get what he wanted. Blocked by Democrats and non-crazy Republicans, Bush simply waited until Congress went into recess, and appointed Bolton on his own.

President Bush sidestepped the Senate and installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, ending a five-month impasse with Democrats who accused Bolton of abusing subordinates and twisting intelligence to fit his conservative ideology.

"This post is too important to leave vacant any longer, especially during a war and a vital debate about UN reform," Bush said. He said Bolton had his complete confidence.

Bush put Bolton on the job in a recess appointment — an avenue available to the president when the Congress is in recess. Under the Constitution, a recess appointment during the lawmakers' August break would last until the next session of Congress, which begins in January 2007.

I'm getting really goddamned sick and tired of this.

I'm sick of waiting.

I'm sick and fucking tired of Bush never commenting on his mistakes, remaining silent when confronted with serious accusations about impeachable offenses and openly showing his contempt for people that dare question him.

And then getting away with it.

He always gets away with it. Always always always. And it's driving me out of my ever-lovin' skull.

Even with his horrible approval ratings. Even with thousands of Americans coming home in boxes. Even when his bald-faced lies are PROVEN to be lies. We sit around and nothing happens.

No WMD found in Iraq? No problem, just hide and hedge until you can wave around some purple fingers! The Downing Street Memo? Just blur the facts and wait for the next distraction. Whoops, Karl Rove got caught committing a felony. Just stall and wait; there's an ongoing investigation, we can't do anything right now. Wait... Rove who?

Voter fraud. Ignoring warnings that led to 9/11. Billions lost in Iraq. Torture.

Wait, and soon, everyone will forget.

Well, I'm sick of waiting. When the fuck are Americans going to stand up and demand that they stop being fed big heaping shovelfuls of bullshit every goddamned day? When are they going to stop rolling over and accepting the lies and excuses? I'm tired of Bush stalling on deadly serious matters until they slide into the memory hole. I want answers. I want action.

I want answers on the Downing Street Memo, and action taken. Now.

I want answers on Rove, and action taken. Now.

I want something done about the lies and crimes this Administration and President have wallowed in, and I want it done yesterday.

Because Bush is about to take another five week vacation.

That, my friends, is a long fucking time.

And there's nothing Bush loves more than a long stall.

More at Tbogg.

(If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cross-post...)

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