Who Wishes They Were Funny? Update 2…

Because I have a mind like a steel sieve, I forgot to include Kenneth Quinnell of T. Rex’s Guide to Life on the Guys Who Wish They Were Funny list, for this excellent post (which also includes a comprehensive round-up of those talking about the issue). Other Guys Who Wish They Were Funny are Lance Mannion, The Green Knight, Scott at Lawyers, Guns and Money, and Paul the Spud.

Some more Girls Who Wish They Were Funny are Pam, Majikthise, Media Girl, Echidne, Mad Kane, Bitch PhD, and Pen-Elayne. Plus all of yesterday’s list, most of whom are still desperately working to try to overcome the humorless frigidity suffered by all resolute feminists.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t include one member of the #5 sex from an alien species which has 14 different sexes, Norbizness, who I fear will actually never be funny, poor thing.

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