Some Guys Really Know How to Give a Girl the Giggles

Recently, I told you that Democrats Can’t Win Because of Me, at least according to one blogger—me and the rest of the girls who are collectively known as "the crowd who dares not shave their legs.” Well, it turns out, Mr. Balloon’s post was filed under “Humor,” so cleverly disguised as completely misogynist and not remotely funny that Mr. Shakes noted, “I’m a guy, and now even knowing it’s supposed to be funny, I can’t figure out how.” Luckily, Mr. Balloon cleared everything up for me, in a post titled “This Is Too Funny,” also filed under “Humor” (to which I will not link because this is the entire post):

In the grand tradition of reactionary and humorless feminism, Shakespeare's Sister didn't recognize that this post titled "Why Democrats Can't Win" was supposed to be a joke and a light-hearted jab at all the parties involved:

Democrats Can't Win Because of Me, Or so I'm told. Me and the rest of "the crowd who dares not shave their legs."

Just a thought, but perhaps a bigger part of the reason Democrats can’t win elections is because they, and a certain contingent of Dem bloggers, continue to show contempt for women.

Especially the ones who suggest they ought to stop.

Yeah- because the chief electoral woe of the Democratic party is their outright failure to woo the feminist vote and their continuing inability to stop left-wing bloggers from showing contempt for women.

I filed this and re-filed the previous post under humor, since it was not clear, yet I fully expect this and the previous thread to be inundated with earnest admonitions about my callous disregard for the plight of women.
Is that a fucking knee-slapper or what?! Woo, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! The funniest part is how he made absolutely no reference, not even an ellipses to indicate he’d edited me, to the statistics I included in my post which actually suggested that single women could have been key to securing Gore’s win! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! OMG—stop, Mr. Balloon! You’re gonna make me pee me pants!

Gosh, I wish I were that funny, but when I joined the Feminists, I had to turn in my sense of humor along with my razor.


You know who else wishes they were that funny? Amanda, Lauren, Elise, Roxanne, Rana, Catherine, and Tami. (If you wish you were funny, leave your link in comments and I’ll add you to the list.)

And don’t feel left out, boys! You can wish you were funny, too, just like: The Heretik, The Fixer, Scott, and Charlie.

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