Jim Belushi is 24% Republican

Misty at Expostulation emailed me the link to a site that tracks celebrity campaign contributions. It tells you how much they contributed and to what political party.

The Liberal Dream Celebrity Award goes to Steve Bing, most famously the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s baby, who has donated $10,888,319, 88% of which went to the Dems and the other 12% to Special Interests, with nary a dime falling into the hands of the GOP.

Here are some other random stats for you:

For Bob Barker, the price was right to the tune of $2,000 to the GOP. 100% Republican.

David Blaine’s $2,000 vanished right into the GOP’s pockets. 100% Republican.

Drew Carey proves the rule—there are no funny conservatives. $3,000 to the GOP. 100% Republican.

Tom Clancy knows who butters his bread by creating international conflicts his ghost writer can turn into a poorly written novel. $147,750 to the GOP. 100% Republican.

Tony Danza can’t decide who the boss is. His $2,300 went 43% to the Dems, 43% to the GOP, and 14% to Special Interests.

Clint Eastwood, who I believe became a mayor on a Republican ticket, seems to have changed his mind. 80% of his $1,250 of contributions went to the Dems.

Joe Eszterhas, purveyor of such family values films as Showgirls, is 100% Republican, which made the GOP $1,000 richer.

With a donation of $6,500, Sammy Hagar is 100% Republican, except perhaps for his hair which looks more Libertarian, if you ask me.

Dr. Phil spared $1,000 for his favorite models of psychological health. 100% Republican.

It turns out Ted Nugent, heinous heir aficionado and lunatic gun nut, who I always regarded as the original rightwing nutzoid, is only 33% Republican. The remaining 67% of his $1,500 contribution went to the Dems.

What do Maury Povich and Prince have in common? They’re both 100% Republican, although Prince outspent Maury’s $2,000 by another grand.

Mr. Smith, aka Jimmy Stewart, was 93% Republican, with total donations $56,097. He was a Bob Dole fan, it seems.

Some other funny things I noticed—all game show hosts seem to be Republicans, and although most country stars are Republicans, there are a couple of notable exceptions: Tim McGraw, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, and Faith Hill (as examples) are all 100% Dems (except for Raitt, who’s 1% Republican). Sex and the City author Candice Bushnell is solidly GOP, but Sarah Jessica Parker is solidly Dem.

Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien were both 100% Dems, which means I can go on enjoying their shows…not to mention The Golden Girls: Rue McClanahan is 100% Dem! I love you, Blanche Devereaux.

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