Question of the Day (Fun)

Mr. Shakes, our pal Mickey Mouse (definitely not his real name), and I like to play a game where we cast the movie of each other's lives. Mr. Shakes would be played by Colin Firth, without question. They don't look alike (although they're both tall and broad-shouldered); it's more the sort of awkward doofus underneath the vaguely uptight veneer that begs the comparison. Mr. Shakes and Mickey can't agree on who would play me. Mickey swears it would be Debra Winger (the neurotic, intelligent, goofy vote), and Mr. Shakes claims it's Natalie Portman's character in Garden State (which I suppose is pretty fair, considering I have spontaneously tap-danced to make him laugh, have a weakness for small, furry creatures, and do other randomly strange things like name my cigarette lighters which he finds inimitably funny). And Pam says I look like Dawn French, so I suppose she's up for this unenviable gig, too.

So, who would be cast to play you in the movie of your life?

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