The March of Red State Madness Continues

If you want to know why I prefer to identify as Kinda Peachy, eschewing labels like white and straight and all that junk, it’s because even I’m starting to think of straight white folks as being completely and utterly fucking nuts. Yes, I know there are plenty of decent straight white liberal people, and I also know there are sickos and weirdos and freaks of every race and creed and orientation, but between the evil dipshits* running the country, the crackpot Dominionists trying to Jesusize the country, and the slew of deranged psychos that have been in the news lately (BTK serial killer, the dude who kept his dead mom in the basement in a chunk of ice, etc.), I’m just going to pack my bags for a permanent move to Kindapeachistan.

The story of the latest collection of horrific nuts—at least three of them, who were caught running a sex abuse cult involving kids and animals out of a church in Louisiana—comes via Pam, who notes:
Do you even know where to begin with this case? In the deepest part of the fundamentalist bible belt, we all know the darkest of perversions lie. Every possible cliché accompanies this horrible story.

* it takes place in the deep South
* these guys are your typical, redneck crackers
* it involves church members AND the minister
* the acts took place IN the church
* it involves bestiality
* a law enforcement officer allegedly took part in the abuse
This is almost too horrifying to contemplate. These jackass rapists’ victims were as young as two years old, and they ritualistically forced both children and animals to have both oral an anal sex with them. The big break in the case, by the way, was when the minister confessed after a complaint by one of the victims’ mothers prompted a police investigation of the church.

Meanwhile, how much you want to bet these lowlife deviant fucks would be the first ones to tell you that we need to ban gay marriage?

* with the exception of the Crusaders’ Hag, of course.

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