Big Brass Alliance

[UPDATE2: Back to the top again. The most up-to-date list is below. I hope to get information everyone's way later today.]

[UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who's already responded. I'm trying to keep the list of bloggers as up-to-date as possible! I've also emailed After Downing Street, to let them know of our interest to support them. My hope is that they will use this collective of willing and able Lefty bloggers as a source to disseminate information about their efforts. If we can't rely on the media to report on important topics, like the Downing Street Memo, then we need to blogswarm. This is my attempt to combine our voices into a big noise that gets heard, to stave off that feeling of helplessness that comes when a blogger inevitably succumbs to the worry s/he's screaming into a void. I thank you for your participation. The official post of the Big Brass Alliance can now be found here. Please feel free to steal the BBA logo and use it on your blog.]

In follow up to this post, I'm working on compiling the list of bloggers who would like to be part of the Big Brass Alliance. (Whether we'll make it in time to support After Downing Street, I don't know, but it will be a good thing to have in place for the future.)

This is the list I have so far:

1031 Productions
Adventures of the Smart Patrol
After School Snack
Air America Radio IRC
Albion’s Alchemist
The All Spin Zone
Also Also
Alternate Brain
America, God’s Gift to Humanity
The American Street
Ang's Weird Ideas
The Ape Man
Armchair Generalist
Arse Poetica
Arvin Hill’s Carnival of Horror
Bark Barf Woof Woof
Bearcastle Blog
Big Brass Blog
The Blaghdad Café
Blanton’s and Ashton’s
Bloggy Bayou
Blog with a View
Brilliant at Breakfast
Broken Windows
The Burned Over District
Byzantium's Shores
Capitol Banter
Captain Oblivious
Citizen’s Rent
Common Ground Common Sense
The Cranky Liberal Pages
Crooks and Liars
The Culture Ghost
Culture Kitchen
Cupie Spew!
Cut to the Chase
The Daily Blatt
Daily Pepper
Damned Empire
Dancing with Myself
Deep End News
Denis DeKat’s Symposium
Desert Rat Democrat
Dharma Bums
Dirty Liberal Words
The Disenchanted Forest
The Disgruntled Chemist
Donkey O.D.
Dr. C
Dr. Forbush Thinks
Earl Bockenfeld’s Radio Weblog
The Emmaus Theory
Entropy Pile
An Etherealgirl’s Adventures in Cyberland
Fancy Pants Elitists
Father Jake Stops the World
FC’s Political Links
First Draft
Florida Blues
Francesca's Liberal Wingnut Corner
A Freeway in Hell
Freiheit und Wissen
Freshman 44
Frogs and Ravens
Froth Slosh B’Gosh
The Funny Farm
Genius of Insanity
The Green Knight
The Green Lantern
Heretic Spire
The Heretik
Idyllopus Press
In Search of Utopia
Intellectual con Fusion
In the Dark
It’s Morning Somewhere
Jeri Smith-Ready
Jesus Was Not a Republican
Julien’s List
Kenny’s Bunk Port
King of Zembla
Kitchen Sink Collective
Laughing Wild
Left Behind Child
Left I on the News
Left is Right
The Liberal Avenger
Liberal Patriots
Liberty Street
A Lie a Day
The Life of a Liberal Teenager
A Little Leeway
A Little Left of Centrist
Loaded Mouth
Local Tint
Mad Kane
The Mahablog
Mandate, My Ass
Marceau Marceau
Marching Orders
Medbh Sings
Middle Earth Journal
Mike’s Well Hidden Genius
A Mockingbird's Medley
Musings and Migraines
Myriad Musings
Night Light
Noblesse Oblog
No Bu**sh** Zone
The OCD Gen X Liberal
Official Reality Check
One Woman Wrecking Crew
Outside the Tent
PA Liberal
Pam’s House Blend
Pansypoo’s Personal Rant Page
Paperwight's Fair Shot
Pen-Elayne on the Web
Phantom Scribbler
Pinko Feminist Hellcat
Pissed on Politics
Poetic Leanings
Poetry in Life
Point Progression
Political Moose
Poor Impulse Control
Pourquoi Pas?
Poverty Barn
Preemptive Karma
Protect America Now
Radical Russ
Radio News America
Ramblings from My Mind
Reading A1
Real News Online International
Red Harvest
Republic of T
Revolutionary Paradigm
The Right Left Story
Rising Hegemon
The Roaring Hamster
Rob’s Blog
Rook's Rant
Rowhouse Logic
Rox Populi
Rubber Hose
Running Scared
The Ruth Group
Scrutiny Hooligans
Seeing the Forest
Shades of Grey
Shakespeare’s Sister
Silent Lucidity
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
The Snarky Cat
Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane
Spontaneous Arising
Spoof News
StallNine: Spirit of the Blog
Startle the Echoes
Stone Bridge
Sumo Merriment
Swerve Left
The Talking Lion
The Tattered Coat
That Colored Fellas Weblog
That’s Going Too Far!
Thoughts of an Average Woman
A Tiny Revolution
Today in Iraq
T. Rex’s Guide to Life
True Blue Liberal
Trust Me, You Have No Idea…
Two Feet In
Upon Further Review…
Welcome to Gilead
What Do I Know?
What It Is Today
Why Are We Back in Iraq?
Winding Road in Urban Area
With Fingernails That Shine Like Justice
You Forgot Poland!
The Young Liberals
Yowling from the Fencepost
Zen Comix

If I've added you to the list and you don't want to be there, or if you'd like to be included and your blog isn't listed, please let me know in comments or via email as soon as possible. I hope to add a section to Big Brass Blog listing the members by Tuesday.

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