The Realm of the Clueless

I heard a promo for "American Dad," the new show by the creator of "Family Guy" on the radio this morning. We've been anticipating it in Spudville, as the husband is a rabid "Family Guy" fan. A quick blurb from the show was played (I may have the dialogue wrong; doing this from memory):

Dad: "Eat your peas."

Daugher: "Why?"

Dad: "So you'll be big and strong enough to fight off Bill Clinton's sexual advances!"

I'm sure I'm wording it incorrectly, but that was the joke. Hearing it made me think of "All in the Family," and the country's reaction to Archie Bunker.

Carol O'Connor was an excellent actor, and a very good man. He was a staunch liberal in real life; I remember reading how distressed he was that this bigoted character was becoming so popular with real bigots! A testament to his acting ability, I suppose, that the character they were mocking became a hero to so many.

Anyway, the father in "American Dad" is a caricature of an ultra right-wing conservative. But with jokes like the one above, I wonder if he'll become a hero to the right? Will we start seeing "American Dad" shirts sold on Little Green Hateballs?

Will they "get it?"

Somehow, I doubt it. As we've said before, subtlety ain't their strong suit.

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