Go Team!

Recently, Shaker Paul of Adventures of the Smart Patrol and I realized that I had seen him in a play years ago, which was quite a surreal experience, and it happened to be a play I really liked (very funny stuff). In honor of this crossing of fates, he posted one of his speeches from the play, which was about the role of women in the future world:

"You see Grody, a long, long time ago, a woman...became President! She fucked it up big time, and the whole world was thrown into chaos!

But! Fortunately, a group of men known only today as...The Elders... assasinated her, and had all the women rounded up into concentration camps! They decided that woman had to be... redefined. So The Elders pondered... brainstormed for woman's ideal societal funtion.. and came up with... CHEERLEADERS!

And, so, all the women were interviewed, and naturally there was a bathing suit competition... and all the aggresive, or ambitions, or ugly women were put to death! And the rest of course has simply been a matter of control, through economics, and breeding, and rabbit punches!"
It got me to thinking, maybe this futuristic Brave New World wasn’t a result of a woman being president, but instead, a cheerleader being president, which over the generations was understandably misinterpreted as a woman having been president.

Just a thought.

An actual photo of George Bush
during his cheerleading days.

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