A Woman on the Man's Field

"His accusers were relentless and, as always with feminists, humorless."--Harvey Mansfield, on Summers vs. Harvard feminists.

Writing in that well-known Onion rival, the Weekly Standard, the anti-PC professor Harvey Mansfield declares feminists--all feminists--"humorless." I'm wondering, then, which political subgroup Mansfield finds more amusing. And no, unintentionally amusing doesn't count.
Well, I did come across an animal rights’ activist in Edinburgh who wore a picture of a tiger ’round his neck, at which he pointed, then pointed at me and made a rather amusing growly face accompanied by clawing gestures in the air. I thought it was funny, although Mr. Shakes didn't seem to; he had a face like thunder.

I also have a great pal from Nottingham, who was head of his local Greenpeace chapter, and is now teaching English to children in Taiwan. He can make me laugh as hard as just about anyone else alive, and I him. Although, it occurs to me that when we’re talking specifically about environmental, educational, or feminist issues, the laughter tends to die down a bit. A-ha—I think we’re on to something here…

Dear Mr. Mansfield,

I suspect that perhaps because of your unbridled chauvinism, many women don’t enjoy speaking to you unless compulsory. For that reason, you might rarely have an opportunity to be engaged with women outside of an academic arena. I can assure you that many feminists are great big balls of giggly fun in their free time. (I know I am!)

Also, when you talk to women in future, try not to say anything sexist and/or condescending. This will allow you to have a conversation with a woman without triggering an understandably humorless lecture on why you’re a giant, useless, stinky taint.

Instead, consider the women with whom you converse your equals; after 10 minutes of conversation sans highly offensive misogynism, try a little joke, and see if that otherwise unfunny feminist doesn’t give ya a wee chuckle. We modern sassy broads tend to laugh more with people who don’t seek to belittle us.

Good luck, Mr. Mansfield! I’m sure you’ll have the ladies laughing in no time.

Shakespeare’s Sister

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