Movie Time

Rox and Majikthise are offering their lists of the top 10 best films of the Oughts, in response to DJW’s post. I would have to think about this a very long time before I could come up with the 10 best, and by the time I was done thinking, I’d have seen 10 more movies and would have to start over again. So instead, here are 10 films I’ve really liked in the Oughts (not necessarily the best films, but the ones I’ve most enjoyed and have found myself watching more than once, in no particular order):

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I know that’s a cheat, but I’ve only got 10!)
2. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (One of my favorite all-time films.)
3. Ghost World (On the DVD, one of the special features is the whole dance number from the Bollywood flick Thora Birch’s character is watching near the beginning. I am embarrassed to admit Mr. Shakes and I have put that in and danced around to it on more than one or two occasions. It’s great music!)
4. Spider-Man 2 (I liked the first one, too, but the second one was even better.)
5. American Splendor (Paul Giamatti rules.)
6. Garden State (Lovely, lovely, lovely.)
7. Punch-Drunk Love. (I adore anything by P.T. Anderson—Magnolia is my favorite—and PDL was no exception. It’s one of those that people either love or hate; I love it.)
8. Lost in Translation. (Ditto on the love it or hate it; I’m a huge fan of this one, too. I love Bill Murray more than words can describe—always have.)
9. Unbreakable. (Love it to pieces. Adore Sam Jackson. Adore Bruce Willis, even though he’s a stinking Republican. Adore M. Night Shyamalan. Flawless.)
10. Love Actually. (For many reasons, but mainly because Colin Firth reminds me so much of Mr. Shakes—awkward, a little uptight, witty, sweet, too smart to function.)

I can’t believe I’ve run out of spaces already. Runners-up: Man on Fire, 21 Grams, The Royal Tenenbaums, About a Boy, Before Sunset, About Schmidt, Matrix Reloaded, Kill Bill (more Vol 1 than Vol 2), Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Rundown. Yeah, you heard me right—The Rundown. I love The Rock, okay?

I’m sure everyone will remind me of many great films I’ve forgotten. Go for it.

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