A Few Clarifications

The Dark Wraith has a few things he’d like to clear up:
Saddam Hussein was, indeed captured exactly the way the Pentagon said he was; all of those trees in the photos whose fruit and foliage were from another season were blossoming because the Coalition Forces had set them free.

American military forces kill and wound journalists to make America safer.

The minimum wage hike bill was defeated by Republicans who knew that working poor people would just go out and squander the extra pay on enough gasoline to get to work.

Scott McClellan gave Jeff Gannon day passes to the White House daily press briefings for two straight years only because he wanted to give a young, ambitious fellow a crack at the big league (of journalism).

The recent windfall profits being made by oilmen have nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that many of those good ol' Texas boys are former business associates of George W. Bush II. If Mr. Bush really were involved in the deal, everybody would be financially ruined by now like every other time he's tried his hand at actually running a business.

And finally, before her recent official trip to Europe, Condoleeza Rice told her tailor she wanted "low" boots to wear; it wasn't her fault the hard-of-hearing tailor gave her Ho Boots to wear, instead.

There. That ought to set people straight on a few matters.

The Dark Wraith awaits the expressions of gratitude for those clarifications.
Thank you, Dark Wraith.

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