Embrace Feminism

Go read Linnet on the most vulnerable part of the male body. Just an excellent post. Here’s a little teaser:
There were two narratives in the recent election: the national security narrative and the cultural values narrative. What tied them together? Masculinity. Liberals aren't tough and manly enough to protect you from the terrorists. That very same lack of masculinity is what prevents them from being right on values--because the values in question are patriarchal values that center around gender roles, which is why there's such a focus on reproductive rights (not only abortion but sexual health in general) and homosexuality. Only a real man can stop people from fucking around with their natural gender roles. Only a real man can ensure that men will stay men and women will stay women.
What’s Linnet’s solution? Embrace feminism:
Feminists don't dither. And dithering makes us look weak. Embracing feminism is a great way to repulse the charge of weakness. The right is saying that our egalitarian notions of gender make us weak, that our championship of women's rights and gay rights make us like gays and women (and therefore, in conservative thought, weak). And we are helping them by acting like they've got a point. We need to stop this and assert our feminism. By proudly shouting our egalitarian viewpoint to the rooftops, we are refuting the charges of weakness. By hiding our egalitarianism under a napkin, we're confirming those charges.
Honestly, though, you should go read the entire thing. Pulling out just those two paragraphs does not do it justice. And I hope if any of the legions of Lefty men who feel that women’s issues are “side issues” happen to stop by, as opposed to the resident regulars of Shakes Sis who already know they’re not, you’ll do us all a favor and read this post, then finally, finally admit that your sexism is a thorn in all our of sides.

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