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Incredibly busy at the moment. Will be back later with more of the regularly scheduled rants and raves. In the meantime, here’s some good stuff to check out:

Pam culls Freeperisms on the NC beating of a gay man. No surprise here—Freepers prove exactly why the existence of hate crime laws are necessary.

Linnet and Rook debunk David Brooks’ stealth antifeminism. Yo, Dave—there are some guys (and girls) who think that fiercely independent women are sexy. And guess what? They get all the cool chicks.

The Fixer on zombie terrorism and what must surely be the end of free speech as we know it.

Gary on the RNC plot to drive him insane.

Mahablog on Albert Einstein, Juan Cole, and other good stuff. (That’s not a good sell, I know—read it, anyway.)

Ezra on how completely idiotic this country can be when it comes to abortion rights.


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