Selfish Hedonist

If you recall, conservative carpetbagger Alan Keyes commented (among many other asinine things) that Dick Cheney's daughter Mary was a "selfish hedonist" for being an out and proud (snicker, snicker) lesbian (ahem, Uncle Tom, ahem) during his comical run for Illinois U.S. Senator against Barack Obama, who wiped the floor with his ass. The ironic part was that during his entire campaign he had his own little selfish hedonist at home - daughter Maya Marcel-Keyes - who made no attempt to hide her sexuality on her personal blog.

Well, if the world didn't know it before, they sure do now - according to CNN, Maya has been cut off from the Keyes Klan, and she's become outspoken at gay rights rallies (now that her daddy's campaign is over, of course). I suppose one can't blame Maya for not being more outspoken during the campaign. She is young, probably very afraid, probably was threatened during that time to keep quiet. Obviously Papa Keyes doesn't read the internets, though! Still, it is good to see her speaking up for herself and other gay children who have been kicked out of their homes. The ironic part, of course, is the sheer hypocrisy of a man who runs on a "family values" message while criticizing other people's families for having the same "shameful" skeletons he harbors in his own closet.

Everyone knew Keyes didn't have a chance in hell against Obama, but the fact that anyone voted for him at all (I believe the end result was 70-30% or so) is deeply disturbing. Even his party was embarrassed of him, throwing him out against Obama as their sacrificial lamb. Get real, GOP, and stop insulting us with this predictable horse shit. The main difference between transparent ideologues like Keyes and "compassionate" conservatives like Bush (who probably doesn't personally hate gays but uses us as kindling on his political bonfires) is that Keyes clearly believes the nutjob shit he spouts and is embarrassing vocal about it. Illinois obviously wasn't buying, but what if he had taken the show to another, less reasonable state?

The bottom line is, these are the kind of hypocritical "family values" that are creeping themselves more and more into the psyche of this nation, becoming more and more acceptable to the mainstream population - and that is a disturbing trend that must be reversed!

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