Midnight Cowboy

If Dr. James Dobson is concerned about gay sponges, he might want to turn his attention to the White House, which seems to be absorbing all manner of faggotry into its hallowed halls these days.

First, there was the ascension to the RNC throne by Ken Mehlman, a 38-year-old single man who won’t answer questions about his sexuality on the record. Then came the sordid details about J. Jeff D. Gannguckerton, a story that just got blown wide open (pun oh so intended) this morning by John Aravosis with the revelation that the White House Press Corps reporter with dubious credentials and access to internal CIA memos is a rent boy.

Now, Raw Story is reporting that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, whose mother is on the fast track to the Texas governor’s mansion, and who is himself married, was a frequent visitor to gay clubs in Austin, Texas. Allegations about McClellan’s sexuality have been known by the White House since September, when BlogACTIVE.com’s Mike Rogers called the White House Press Office.

None of this would matter, of course, except for two key points, the first being the unmitigated temerity of a political party seeking to codify discrimination into the United States Constitution against a portion of the population from which they are yet willing to draw the head of the RNC, their Press Secretary, and a media operative used to lob partisan softball questions at White House Press Conferences.

The second, and frankly more important, issue is why a man with no discernible journalistic credentials, using an alias, carrying a $20,000 defaulted court judgment against him, and running a side business as a gay hooker, was, in a highly irregular decision, issued a daily pass for two years and given access to an internal CIA memo which was summarily used to punitively leak the name of active agent Valerie Plame. There’s something rotten in D.C., and this tale has more unraveling yet to do.

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