Atrios reports:

The wingnutosphere has taken to posting up fake personal ads with my picture, as if I'd care... Wahhh! They're trying to convince people I'm (horrors!) gay!

who cares.
To save you from having to actually click through to the idiotic site, here’s the link to Atrios’ gay profile.

Why do homophobes always think that heteros who clearly aren’t homophobic are going to be insulted by being called gay? I’ve been called a dyke (or one of a variety of terms for lesbians, and sometimes even the occasional “fag” by the resoundingly unclever and/or gender-challenged) many times in my life, including spending one semester in a university Constitutional Law class being referred to as “the dyke in the back of the class” by the most dimwitted collection of rightwing gits ever collected in one classroom. Why they assumed I would take offense when I was plainly not homophobic is beyond me.

So here’s a note to the Freepers: calling someone like me a homosexual has approximately the same effect as calling me a dentist. That is to say, none whatsoever. It just makes you mistaken, which is nothing new.

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