Propaganda Schmopaganda

Eponymous reports on an Editor & Publisher story that reveals the talking points that have become a part of the military’s “Media Training.”
[G]o read Smedley Butler's "I Was A Gangster for Capitalism" or study the Marine activities in the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902), the Boxer Rebellion in China (1900), in Cuba (1906-09), in Nicaragua (1912), in Veracruz, Mexico, (1914), in Haiti (1915-34), the Dominican Republic (1916-24) and tell me that they were always fighting for the "Will of the People." Tell me and bring some facts, because to me (and historians), most of those interventions are cleary [sic] for the good not of the people but of those with money or investments in those locations who use the Marines like their personal thugs. It pains me to say it, because in my life I have never met a Marine I would not want out there fighting for me…

Check it out. Interesting stuff.

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