Just Shut Up Already

If I hear one more Conservative claim that “no one ever gave me anything” when arguing against taxation, as if tax dollars go straight from their wallets and into the hands of able-bodied but lazy do-nothings who cheerfully line up for “government hand-outs,” I’m going to go apeshit.

Did you go to public school?
Do you use roads?
Have you ever mailed or received a letter?
Do you appreciate having criminals kept off your street?
Have you ever taken a lovely stroll through a national park?
How about that war you so resolutely support—you think those soldiers work for the sheer joy of it?

All I can say is let’s go ahead and have it your way. Let’s all stop paying taxes. I hope your house doesn’t catch on fire, because there might not be anyone willing to man the firehouse for free.

More on why Liberals are right and Conservatives are idiots later.

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