We could look the other way if Lieberman represented, say, Utah. But does Connecticut truly deserve this neocon?

I have a policy of neutrality for primary elections, but would make an exception in this case. I don't doubt that a legitimate primary challenger to Lieberman would garner serious netroot support. And if what I hear is true, there are serious efforts underway to draft such a person.

Like Kos, my instinct is to stay away from primary contests as much possible. But, if there's a decent CT politician who is eyeing a Senate seat there, my guess is that online fundraising wouldn't be too much of a problem.
Taking a cue from Kos and Atrios, I agree that the Democrats should mount a serious primary challenge to Senator Joe Lieberman in the next electoral cycle.

This will serve as a wakeup call for ANY wavering Democrats who think there is some electoral or political benefit to kissing the President’s nether reegions. [sic]

It doesn’t really matter if the primary challenge is successful. [Although, if it were, it’d be a cannon shot across a lot of faint-hearted Dems’ bows]. Just so long as you put the fear of Blog into ‘em, that’s all that matters.


There are no Zell Miller’s in the GOP.
Like Kos, Atrios, and Hesiod (just to keep the Joementum going), I think the people of Connecticut deserve better than the likes of Joe Lieberman. And I think any Dem willing to sell out the party’s principles could use a good dose of intimidation. Yes, it’s a big tent, but it’s not so big that we should let guys who ought to be on the other side of the aisle slip into Congress under our banner.

Of course, you already knew what I think.

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