The Point

In a post delicately titled Bernard Kerik Is a Fuckwad, the Rude Pundit reminds us not to get distracted by the details:
Oh, my, some pundits say, how could the White House vetting process have missed anything that a solid Lexis-Nexis search would have picked up. But that misses the point.

It's not that Bush's vetting failed or that Alberto Gonzales is an incompetent piece of shit. The point here is that they just didn't care. The Bush administration thought it could do whatever it wanted in the wake of the election and that nobody would fucking care. And the other point is that it doesn't matter. Bush could have a cabinet made up of deaf-mute quadriplegics who shit themselves on a regular basis, and they'd be as effective as whoever Bush appoints. But the Kerik nomination, among so many other things, lays bare the arrogance and contempt the Bush administration feels for the American public. We just happened to catch this one. How many others get by us?
If there’s anything the Left can’t learn fast enough, it’s that all of it is smoke and mirrors and red herrings. The point is always that they don’t care, that their only feeling toward the American people is contempt. And while the Left and the Right struggle to lay claim to the mantle of The Real Americans, while we’re busy bickering about frigging Christmas displays, Bush and Co. are quietly laying the groundwork to dismantle every social program the Left has worked for since The New Deal, because they disdain all Americans who aren’t them, including (and perhaps especially) those who voted for them. That’s the point. And we can’t forget it.

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