Take My Breath Away

VP Dick Cheney has been hospitalized for shortness of breath. Anyone want to take a bet on whether the October surprise (Cheney leaving the ticket) that some predicted may end up being a pre-inauguration surprise instead? It’s a bet I wouldn’t take. This has Rove written all over it. Instead of risking the win by getting rid of Cheney before the election, they’ll bring in a new VP (and their ’08 candidate) through the back door.

Who will it be? Giuliani? That wouldn’t make the religious right too happy, since he’s pro-gay and pro-choice. (AMERICAblog offers another reason that the Jesus freaks might not warmly embrace this choice.) McCain? Seems a likely possibility and would explain the apparent selling of his soul during the campaign, especially if he were given a heads-up. Maybe someone from the ’00 cabinet—Ashcroft or Rumsfeld? Scary, but possible. Ashcroft has been floated as a possible Supreme Court nominee, but if the administration thinks there’s no chance for that, they might consider him for a VP slot. I would tend to think they would use it as a chance to ready the ’08 candidate, though, and Ashcroft doesn’t seem Oval Office-bound. Schwartzenegger might be a dark horse contender, while they spend the next 4 years trying to amend the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to assume the presidency. Not a very realistic possibility, but fun to speculate.

If Cheney does step down, my money’s on Giuliani or McCain. Watch this space.

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