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There’s lots to talk about, what with the discovery that Bush & Co. left 380 tons of explosives unguarded to be stolen, thereby as John Aravosis of AMERICAblog so aptly put it, “So, we needed to go to war in order to help give terrorists the very explosives we needed to go to war to stop them getting?” Plus, there’s the story out of Iraq from the weekend detailing the slaughter of Iraqi soldiers, and lots of good poll coverage at Atrios’ Eschaton and DailyKos, too, for those poll-watchers out there. (Links at right.) And you can find in not a few places mentions of Justice Rehnquist’s cancer and what this could mean for the future of the Supreme Court.

I basically fell behind today, and most of what I would have covered is covered elsewhere, so I’ll move on. Two little tidbits:

Check out this picture at Atrios’ Eschaton that was described by Andrea Mitchell as a “few hundred” people who turned out for the Kerry rally today in Philly. Partisan hack much, Andrea?

See here for James Wolcott’s skillful skewering of both Howard Fineman and Adam Nagorney in one neat little post. He also has the best commentary yet on the Ann Coulter pie-by. You can read the whole thing here, but this is my favorite:

Ann Coulter may be a travesty of humanity, as unacceptable a hank of flesh draped on a hanger ever to be foisted upon an ignorant populace hungry for more ignorance. Her racism, her character slurs, her whirlwind talent for rewriting history, her ability to leave a glossy coat of slime on any issue she discusses (when she licks a stamp, it curls up and dies), these are condemnable.

But credit where credit is due. The skank can shift ass on a dime.

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