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One week to go and the top 5 searches on MSN during this most ferociously contested election are:

1. spice house
2. nascar news
3. world series
4. petra nemcova
5. cindy Margolis

Sad but true. Meanwhile, Bush wants $70 billion more for his wars (just weeks after Kerry was lambasted for suggesting the war cost $200 billion—and now we will exceed that number); Iraqi soldiers are getting killed by the (literal) busload; Rehnquist is on death’s door, leaving the Court split 4-4 with an imminent election that might hinge on its decision; there’s bickering over the timing of the theft of the explosives in Iraq (a likely useless diversionary tactic to distract attention away from the big question of how they got stolen at all); consumer confidence has fallen for the third consecutive month; voter fraud is the new black; media owners are going totally haywire; the polls are dubious at best; and on and on and on.

Come on, people. Can you forget porn and sports for one fucking day and find out what the hell is going on in your country?!

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