Preemptive Pout

James Wolcott has been doing a good job of noting the rightwing media's budding attemps to lay the groundwork in anticipation of a Bush defeat. (See here and here.) It will be, of course, because of the mainstream media's bias toward Kerry.

Announcing from Cloud Cuckoo Land that "they will pay for it more than they could imagine," Roger L. Simon tells his minions:
And it will be the blogosphere and you, our own supporters, who will make them pay. Our strength will grow incrementally with a Kerry victory in terms of influence and even economic power. And both will be at the expense of the mainstream media. Yes, we too have 'plans.'
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Put a lid on it, Sauron.

And might I remind you that two can play at that game these days. You've heard of a little company called Sinclair, right, Rog? My dream is that the Left and the Right so voraciously harass the media over the next four years that they stop listening to everyone and start doing the actual work of broadcasting objective news (which is, let's face it, what the Left really wants anyway, being members of the reality-based community and all).

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