So Bush has decided that civil unions aren’t such a bad idea after all and that his party’s platform is wrong. Now, aside from revealing the gaping vacuum in his campaign spawned by the absence of a little thing called integrity, this incident begs the question: Why does anyone buy any of this bullshit about what a strong, steady, resolute leader this guy is?

He isn’t strong enough to admit mistakes; he isn’t strong enough to hold anyone in his administration accountable for any of their multitude of both domestic and foreign policy failures; he wasn’t strong enough to stand up to the energy industry in defense of our environment; he wasn’t strong enough to curtail (or even criticize) Congress’ irresponsible discretionary spending as it spiraled out of control in the middle of a major fiscal crisis; he wasn’t strong enough to secure an extension of the assault weapons ban from a Republican-controlled Congress; and now he reveals himself as not strong enough to have had a modicum of influence over a key plank in his own party’s platform.

(The alternative explanation being, of course, that he is simply not strong enough to resist sacrificing his own beliefs in equal rights to the altar of ideology when it seemed convenient. Either way, equally spineless.)

It takes some kind of unbelievable brass ones for someone with such an appalling record to question whether Kerry is strong enough to defend this country. Sir, you aren’t strong enough to control the people whose careers depend on their allegiance to you. Until you can exhibit even the slightest degree of authority over your own partisan supporters, I don’t want to hear anything else that even begins to approximate questioning the strength or consistency of your opponent.

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